Effortlessly Manage Your Fleet

You know that you need to invest in a fleet management service but you haven’t been able to find one that exactly suits your needs. Innova Fleet Services provides MYFleetAware, a fleet management service that is affordable, efficient and simple to use, while providing you innovative features that even the most expensive fleet services systems don’t offer.

Innova Fleet Services understands how small and medium sized businesses work and that is why the MYFleetAware system is easier to use and more up-to-date than other systems. Our high-tech, advanced system will help you gain control over your fleet without breaking a sweat. On top of that, you will save time and money and see an instant return on investment.

MYFleetAware Fleet Management System


Innova Fleet Services offers innovative software to put you in control ofyour fleet. The OBDII dongle based MYFleetAwarefleet management system does allthat the traditional hardwire box systems do but also offers OBDdiagnostics such as vehicle health and maintenance.

The Innova Fleet Services system is easily installed and simple to use.Reports are generated on your desktop, instantly giving you intimateknowledge of your fleet's performance and before you know it, your fleetwill be more efficient and you will be saving time and money. Stayingconnected with your fleet has never been easier.

A Small Device Providing Big Data


Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand but a powerhouse of information and capabilities, the Innova Fleet Services OBDII dongle installs quickly into a vehicle’s on-board computer via a connector located under the dashboard. It instantly gathers a wide range of information from a vehicle’s computer about how well a vehicle is running and the way it is being driven. It can access a vehicle’s diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) and is the only telematics system that reads manufacturer-specific maintenance and service schedules. It also reports the information you have specified securely via your email.

The Innovative Technology That Makes Innova Fleet Services the Industry Standard


The Innova Fleet Services’ small, but powerful, OBDII dongle fits like a glove under the dashboard. With superior processing power, it combines the features of a computer, scan tool, GPS system and cell phone making it an instant data source providing real time results. Meeting and exceeding standards for temperature, vibration and durability, the Innova Fleet Services device starts working the minute it is plugged in and the driver never needs to worry about it again. Offering exceptional reception for cellular and GPS service, the Innova Fleet Services OBDII dongle answers all your fleet management questions.

How it Works


The Innova Fleet Services device uses industry standard OBDII messaging protocols that communicate directly with your vehicles. Using years of engineering know-how, Innova Fleet Services device can communicate with any vehicle make or model and uses the languages of generic and enhanced data.

Data from the device is sent via cellular modem to Innova Fleet Services’ firewall protected servers all on a private network. The information is then processed and can be distributed in real time or aggregated for specific, detailed reports that can be securely distributed. The reports are safely stored and retained and are always transferred using secure file transfer protocols.

After the reports have been generated, they can then be communicated with garages, distributors and vehicle owners in reports that are specifically designed for the individual preferences of the customer service center.

Using the collected data and utilizing the VIN vehicle information,Innova Fleet Services can then diagnose the causes of a DTC or maintenance alert. Using the supplier’s parts data, the Innova Fleet Services will let you know what part is needed and what parts need to be on shelves at the appropriate time.


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